Fuel costs generally accounts for the largest aircraft operating expenses in the industry.Jet Fuel International Limited (JFI) provides alternate fuel purchasing solutions to clients,especially for flights operating internationally.We purchase aviation fuel directly from the world’s largest multinational suppliers.We then re-sell with value-added aviation fuel services and trade credit to airlines,jet operators worldwide.


Today,Jet Fuel International Limited (JFI) is able to provide fuel services at over 800 locations worldwide and Jet fuel arrangements with JFI is easy as a telephone call,Once we have obtained all pertinent informations,JFI will coordinate your jet fuel uplift.A jet fuel release is sent to the fueler on the field to ensure a hassle-free experience.


  • A request is made to JFI for a fuel quotation and/or fuel setup
  • A fuel release is sent to the customer and the fuel supplier
  • Follow-up with the fuel provider to confirm arrangements
  • Once the fuel ticket is received,the customer is billed right away
  • Customer Service 24hours a day,7days a week